Note: CURATOR MOTEL is an ongoing survey of women curators. This is the first installment. 

1. Cheryl Lee Scott is a womans' woman.

2. She's an artist-mother-boss lady. 

3. Cheryls' art is a form of digital photographic manipulation that becomes a kaleidoscopic collage accretion of herself. Some of the collages are from body parts cut from photographs to floweret into the photomontage.

4. Currently owns + operates Chainlink Gallery - Chainlink is the symbolic link that gets people together IRL. A white-cube contemporary art space in Little Ethiopia that exudes a sincerity, warmness and an extension of Cheryls' jovial personality that creates community. 

5. Since opening in November 2015 with her solo-show, she has curated shows with artists such as Gedville Grace Bunikyte, Lisa M. Reider, Michele Miskovich, Mara Kelley Breene, Andrew Kuykendall + Langley Fox Hemingway...and the upcoming show with Tao Ruspoli.